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ULBO PLATINUM Citrulline Arginine Zinc Carefully Selected 8 Ingredients 90 Tablets Nutritionally Functional Foods From Japan



[For you who have various troubles] I want to be confident, to be masculine, to take another step, and to regain dignity. "MACA CHARGE" was developed for you.


"I can't get rid of my tiredness lately." "I don't feel refreshed in the morning." "I want another step." Energy supplement!

Citrulline 800mg / 6 tablets Arginine 500mg / 6 tablets, an energy supplement with many topical ingredients! Developed for customers who want to "get tired recently", "do not feel refreshed in the morning", and "want another step".

ULBO supplement born from the desire to have a fulfilling life.


7 kinds of nice popular ingredients.




Tonkat Ali



Oyster extract



Take 3 capsules daily with water or lukewarm water.

6 tablets a day


Internal capacity

90 tablets / about 30 days



Please refer to the ingredients and do not eat if you have food allergies.

In rare cases, it may not suit your constitution. In that case, please stop using it.

Keep out of reach of small children.

Due to the characteristics of the raw materials, there may be differences in color tones for each product, but this is not a quality problem.

If you are taking medicine, please consult your doctor or pharmacist in advance.



Ingredients per 6 grains

L-citrulin 800mg / L-arginine 500mg / maca powder / zinc gluconate / zinc content 14mg / oyster extract (Hiroshima oysters) / Tonkat Ali extract (40 times concentrated extract powder) / taurine (extract)


L-citrulin / maca powder / tonkat ant powder / selenium-containing yeast / zinc-containing yeast / krachaidum (black ginger powder) / dolomite / suppon powder / ginseng powder / L-arginine

ULBO PLATINUM Citrulline Arginine Zinc Carefully Selected 8 Ingredients 90Tablet

  • Those who want to be confident, those who want to be masculine, those who want to be strong at night, those who want to regain dignity. For you ...

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