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Fine Forging Seitan Supplement 60 Tablets Pregnant Men's Supplement Nutritional Functional Food Zinc Maca Citrulline Folic Acid Soipolia Bioperine Coenzyme Q10 Biotin Blended From Japan



[Fertility is for couples together] According to a WHO (World Health Organization) survey, it was found that about 50% of infertility is actually caused by men. Therefore, as a result of trial and error research, a male fertility supplement (fine training supplement) was born. We support men's fertility with carefully selected ingredients.



Highly blended with 4 major support ingredients

Soipolia (supports energy)

Bioperine (supports efficiency)

Zinc (involved in protein / nucleic acid metabolism)

Reduced coenzyme Q10


A luxurious combination of energetic support ingredients







Take 2 capsules daily with water or lukewarm water.


Internal capacity

60 Tablets



Seitan supplements are not medicines, so they work gently on the body.


All of the ingredients are safe and you can drink with confidence without worrying about side effects or health hazards.

However, since it contains zinc, please refrain from overdose.


Ingesting large amounts of zinc can interfere with the absorption of copper and cause symptoms of abdominal pain and headaches.



Name: Processed food containing soybean extract and zinc gluconate


Ingredient names: starch (domestic production), soybean extract, black pepper extract powder, L-citrulin, L-carnitine fumarate, maca powder, reduced coenzyme Q10 / zinc gluconate, gelatin, citric acid, calcium stearate, caramel pigment , Niacin, L-arginine, calcium pantothenate, stabilizer (Acaciaca), fine silicon dioxide, vitamin B2, vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, pyochin, vitamin B12

Seitan Seitan Supplement 60 Tablets Pregnant Male Supplement

  • [Four major support ingredients] In addition to the patented ingredients soyporia and bioperine, zinc (nutritional functional food), reduced coenzyme Q10, and other ingredients that are good for male fertility have been added to the limit.
    [Ingredients that make men happy] In addition to the four major support ingredients, vitamins and minerals that are carefully selected as ingredients that make men happy by supporting tours such as maca, L-carnitine, L-arginine, L-citrulline, and folic acid are carefully selected in a unique balance. Condensed and blended.

    [Focus on additive-free] Since we were particular about supporting fertility, we also focused on 13 types of additive-free. A radioactivity test and a pesticide residue test were also conducted by a third-party organization, and a fertility supplement that can be consumed with peace of mind was born.

    [Thorough quality control] We are a GMP-certified domestic factory that has cleared the strict quality control standards set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare because it is something we eat every day. Take it in your hands and try the supplements we are confident in delivering.

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