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Nattokinase HQ 120 Capsules High quality and High dispersion! Traveling natto power To Energetic and Healthy Irregular eating habits {Noguchi Institute of Medical Science} 



Nattokinase is an enzyme contained in the sticky substance of natto, a traditional Japanese food. This product contains 4,000FU (per daily recommended amount) of nattokinase. Recommended for those who want to get more Natto power. 

"Highly dispersible capsules" and "acid-resistant capsules" support digestion and absorption in the body. 


*Vitamin K has been removed from the nattokinase used in this product. 



People who want to stay healthy and energetic every day. 

For those who are concerned about irregular eating habits. 



As a food, take approximately 4 Capsules per day with water or other liquids. 



Internal Capacity 

34.2g (285mg x 120Capsules) 



●If you have any allergies, please check the ingredients. 

●Please consult your doctor if you have a physical abnormality, are undergoing treatment, or are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

●Please keep out of reach of children. 

●After opening, please close the bottle tightly and consume it as soon as possible. 

●There may be variations in color and taste due to natural ingredients, but this does not affect the quality. 


■Nutritional information display (per 4 Capsules) 





・Salt equivalent amount…0-0.04g 

■Main ingredient display (per 4 Capsules) 

・Nattokinase …4,000FU 

■Raw materials 

Linseed oil (manufactured in Belgium), Bacillus natto culture extract containing nattokinase (soybean flour, maltodextrin), starch, onion skin extract, brewer's yeast, black pepper extract/gelatin, glycerin, emulsifier, polysaccharide thickener, cacao pigment 


■Allergy display (8 specific raw materials and 20 equivalent items) 




Nattokinase HQ 120 Capsules High quality High dispersion! Traveling natto power

  • Salt content is considered a problem in a healthy diet. The daily intake of salt is preferably less than 8.0g. First, take a look at what you usually eat and see how much salt you are consuming.

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