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EQUELLE Pouch 120 Tablets Equol-Containing Food Supplement Cosmetology Otsuka Pharmaceutical From Japan



Soy isoflavone, an ingredient that supports women's health and beauty.

EQUELLE, which supports women's lively lives, is a new soy food that helps maintain and improve women's health.



Support power hidden in soybeans.

Supporting women's health and beauty with equol-containing food "EQUELLE".

Estrogen, a female hormone, is associated with a decrease in the fluctuation period after the 40s.

Equol, a soy-derived functional ingredient contained in " EQUELLE," works much like estrogen and moderates changes peculiar to women.



[Estimated daily amount] 4 tablets

Precautions Avoid excessive intake and follow the recommended daily dose. (Please check the total amount of S-equol and soy isoflavone of this product, and be careful not to overdose when used in combination with other foods for specified health use containing isoflavones.)

Internal capacity
120 Tablets (About 30 days)


Do not take if you are pregnant / lactating, infants / children.

If you are taking medicine or going to the hospital due to illness, please consult your doctor before use.

Also, depending on your constitution and physical condition, it may not suit you. In that case, please refrain from using it.



Per 4 grains (2.6g)

Energy: 11.4kcal, Protein: 0-1.2g, Lipids: 0-0.8g, Carbohydrates: 1-2g, Salt equivalent: 0-0.02g

S-equol: 10 mg, soy isoflavone (as aglycone): 6.4 mg


Raw material name:

Fermented soybean germ lactic acid bacteria (domestic production), oats wheat fiber, agar / cellulose, HPMC, colorants (titanium oxide, caramel I), fine silicon oxide, talc


EQUELLE Pouch 120 Tablets Equol-Containing Food Supplement Cosmetology Otsuka

  • The world's first equol-containing food made by fermenting soybeans with lactic acid bacteria.

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