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EBASTEL Tablets 10mg 100Tablets"Sumitomo-Pharma " To Allergy From Japan High Quality



Histamine is a body substance involved in the development of allergies. This medicine blocks allergic symptoms by blocking the histamine receptor and suppressing its function. It is effective for allergic rhinitis due to hay fever, urticaria, eczema, itchy skin and asthma. However, since it is a symptomatic drug, the cause of the allergy itself cannot be cured.



hives. Eczema / dermatitis, prurigo, cutaneous pruritus
allergic rhinitis



For adults, take 5 to 10 mg of ebastine orally once daily. In addition, it increases and decreases appropriately according to age and symptoms.


Internal Capacity

100 Tabletes



Side effects are less. The side effects of drowsiness and thirst often seen in conventional antihistamines are also reduced.

Severe side effects are not very frequent, but if you take it for a long time, you should take regular liver function tests just in case.


in 1Tablet

Active Ingredient




Additives: lactose hydrate, crystalline cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, carmellose calcium, magnesium stearate, light anhydrous silicic acid, hypromellose, macrogol 6000, titanium oxide, talc

EBASTEL Tablets 10mg 100Tablets"Sumitomo-Pharma " To Allergy From Japan