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Tears disease, dry eye

Blue eyes that are careful not to dry out

Role of tears

tears, are important substances that protect the eyes.

For that, we need stable tears.

  • Stable tears → Easy to see, protected from dust, dirt and dryness.

  • Unstable tears → Tears that are easy to get tired and hard to

Are important for protecting the eyes

Tears cover the surface of the eyes and act like a barrier that protects the eyes.

How tears work

Drying prevention



Nutritional supplements

Keeping the surface of the black eyes smooth so that the eyes can form a clear image

Tears can become unstable There are various factors for dry eye, but especially personal computers, Using contact lenses, air conditioners, etc. can cause tears to evaporate easily, making them unstable and damaging the cells on the surface of the eye. Blinking also acts as a stimulus to stimulate the secretion of tears, causing tears to spread evenly on the surface of the eye.

What kind of illness is dry eye?

Dry eye is a disease in which the amount of tears that are essential to protect the eyes is insufficient, or the quality of tears is out of balance, causing tears to spread evenly, which can cause scratches on the surface of the eye. ..

With the aging of the population, the use of air conditioners, the use of personal computers and smartphones, and the increase in contact lens wearers, the number of dry eye patients is increasing, and the number is said to be 22 million.

Dry eye is also affected by the visibility of things (visual function).

Doe Aye-Aye Patients may have an effect on their appearance, such as "things look hazy" even if they have good eyesight.

It is a phenomenon caused by instability of tears due to various factors, and it is a case where the "C" mark of the visual acuity test looks hazy.

What are the symptoms of dry eye and painful eyes?

Patients with dry eye suffer from a variety of symptoms, not just the typical dry eye symptoms such as dry eyes.

Symptoms of dry eye

Doctor examining patient's eye condition

  • Tend to get tired

  • Eyes feel dry.

  • Things look hazy

  • Are rugged

  • Eyes are uncomfortable

  • For dry eyes

  • Check items

  • Eyes are easily tired

  • Eyes are painful

  • Eyes blurred

  • No reason for tears to appear

  • Eyes are itchy

  • Eyes feel heavy.

  • The eyes tend to turn red.

  • Somehow the eyes feel uncomfortable.

  • The eyes feel dry. The

  • Light is dazzling

. If the above items have 5 or more checks, there is a possibility of dry eyes.

Also, if you cannot open your eyes for 10 seconds or more and blink frequently (40 times / minute or more), you may have dry eye.

Factors that cause

dry eye In addition to systemic diseases such as Sjogren's syndrome, factors that cause dry eye include aging / wearing contact lenses, stressful situations, dry rooms with air conditioners, and long-term PCs and smartphones. It may be when the number of blinks is reduced due to use.

In addition, smoking / antihypertensive drugs and some tranquilizers may also cause dry eye.

Treatments for dry eye

Traditionally, eye drops that rehydrate and repair injured cornea have been used.

Recently, with the development of eye drops that work directly on each component of tears, stratified treatment targeting the layers of tears that are not functioning properly according to the type of tears for each dry eye patient. Is possible.

Methods such as punctal plugs and moisturizing glasses In

some cases, a plug (punctal plug) is attached to the punctum, which is the outlet of tears, to artificially block the physiological discharge of tears.

In addition, it is said that the symptoms of dry eye can be alleviated by using moisturizing glasses.

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