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Catalin K ophthalmic solution.How to dissolve granules! !

Catalin K:Method of dissolution of granules

Remove the large white cap of the solution container. At that time, if

the film of the solution is stretched in the bottle opening portion, until the film is lost, lightly press the body portion of the bottle. (Please note that when the opening of the granule pack touches the membrane, the granules will become moist and difficult to come out.)

Collect the granules in the larger bag, so as not to put a finger on the

cut line near the arrow, fold as shown.

At this time, please check that the granules are not attached to the pack.

Due to vibration during transportation, static electricity may occur in the pack, and the granules may appear to adhere to the inner surface of the pack and become moist.

In such a case, after removing static electricity by rubbing the pack with your finger as shown in the figure, if you tap the side of the pack lightly with your finger, adhesion will disappear.

Be careful not to touch the granules and put them in the solution

directly from the pack.

Harden the white large cap, shake well to dissolve the granules.

When instilling, leave the large white cap and remove only the small

brown cap, and pay attention carefully so that the tip of the container

does not touch your eyes.

(If you remove the large white cap by mistake, the liquid will spill, so

please be careful.)

Catalin K:Request for instillation

If you take out the Catalin K eye drops that have been stored in a cold place immediately after removal (especially if there is little residual chemical solution), the cold air in the container may be warmed by hand and expanded, and the chemical solution may fall continuously.

You can instill one drop at a time by warming the container with your hand for a while before instilling.

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