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What is Pip Elekiban?

Pip Electric Bang package and one product

Feature of Pip Elekiban

1. Magnetism stays active while sticking

Pip Elekiban begins to act on areas with stiffness from the moment the magnet is attached. There is no skin irritation such as tingling or cooling sensation. Feeling stimulation is not the same as effect.

Magnetic blood circulation improvement program

The human body has the ability to respond to magnetism.

At Pip, we believe that magnetism works on the endothelial cells inside blood vessels to promote the synthesis of the vasodilator NO (nitric oxide).

The action of this substance gradually widens the blood vessels and improves blood circulation.

2. You can keep sticking.

1) Resistant to rashes

The material has flexibility and can be used in all directions.

Uses elastic non-woven fabric.

Because it fits the movement of the skin,

It does not put stress on the skin and does not cause rashes.

2) It doesn't get stuffy

As moisture permeability is high, it is hard to get stuffy,

It is comfortable to apply and does not soften the skin.

3) Small and inconspicuous

With a color that is familiar to the skin,

It is hard to be seen even if I put it.


・does not smell

・still attachedcan take a bath

・Hard to peel off

calledThere are features.


What are the different types of Pip Elekiban?

  1. Pip Elekiban 80

  2. Pip Elekiban 130

  3. Pip Elekiban MAX200

  4. Pip elekiban for mama

There are four types, and the numbers represent the respective magnetic flux densities. Pip Elekiban for mama is a product that has the same magnetic flux density as MAX200 and uses colored magnets that are difficult to see through the band.

Regarding efficacy, all types are "improving blood circulation and relieving stiffness".

How many days should I apply Pip Elekiban?

Please use it for 2 to 5 days as a guide. However, if it becomes itchy or feels uncomfortable, please remove it.

Can I use the Pip Elekiban magnet by replacing the bandage?

We do not recommend using the Pip Elekiban after replacing it.

Pip Elekiban is a medical device that integrates a bandage and a magnet.

It is assumed that you dispose of the product after use.

Although the magnetic force does not disappear, it is not recommended for the following reasons.

(1) If used magnets are used by replacing them with other bandages, if bacteria adhere to the magnets, it may cause a rash.

(2) If you remove the magnet from the bandage and place it alone, children or those who need supervision (elderly, etc.) may accidentally swallow it, and in the worst case, they may need to be treated at a hospital.

Is it okay to use Pip Elekiban with other medical devices?

It is not recommended to use medical devices together.

Are there any places where Pip Elekiban should not be used?

Do not use it above the neck.

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