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Kawai liver oil drop S 300 grains<<Japanese traditional medicine

Kawai Liver Oil Drop S

Kametaro Kawai, the creator of "Kawai Liver Oil Drop"

Kametaro Kawai, the creator of "Kawai Liver Oil Drop" and a doctor of pharmacy, and the founder of Kawai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., was born on May 21, 1876 in Nakaze Village, Hamana District, Shizuoka Prefecture.

His future dreamed of becoming a government official, but the death of his father in 12 years put him at a crossroads of fate.

At the age of 16, he abandoned his long-standing aspirations and dropped out of junior high school. He enrolled in a private pharmacy school (currently Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Advancement) and graduated at the top. Immediately after he passed the pharmacist exam, he entered the Kitasato Institute and, as an assistant to a professor at Daiichi High School, taught organic chemistry to aspiring pharmaceutical students.

However, due to his excessive study, he suffered from chest disease and was forced to undergo long-term medical treatment, so he left the teaching profession with the thought of having an intestine.

When Kametaro regained his energy, he was assigned to the pharmacy director of Kyoundo Hospital in Hiratsuka at the age of 24 for medical treatment. The pharmacy director, who was keenly aware of his illness, was the best understanding of the patient and was devoted to dispensing.

Encounter with cod liver oil through lifelong research

At that time, cod liver oil, which doctors recommend as a health tonic, had the drawback of being difficult to take because it had a strong fishy odor. This was the impetus for working on cod liver oil improvement for lifelong research. This "easy-to-take cod liver oil" research was highly evaluated by academic societies and was later recommended as a senior researcher at the "Mitsuwa Research Institute".

Kametaro, who got lucky, was 34 years old this year, and he was tenacious and steadily achieved results with the well-planned research procedure that he had already experienced.

Especially motivated was his own research on cod liver oil, which succeeded in researching a drop-type cod liver oil preparation that is easy to take even for children, which was his long-cherished desire, and stabilizes vitamins in the form of jelly-like drops. Developed technology to keep it in. He named this "cod liver oil drop," which is the origin of Kawai cod liver oil drop.

The tireless research efforts have paid off, and in 1958, the paper entitled "Pharmacognosy Research on Cod Liver Oil from Japan" passed the examination and was awarded a doctoral degree in pharmacy.

Several patents have already been obtained for cod liver oil, and Kametaro's creative research on cod liver oil can be broadly divided into many inventions of deodorization and concentration of active ingredients, which are the biggest difficulties of cod liver oil at the beginning. In the second half, we obtained 11 patents mainly for research on the stabilization of dissolved vitamins.

Manufacture and sale of cod liver oil drops

Kametaro started manufacturing and selling cod liver oil drops for schools in 1952, based on the belief that education is impossible without good health.

Since then, we have continued to convey this philosophy to this day. Kametaro's thoughts were supported by many educators and parents of children, and by 1955, they became widespread in elementary schools all over Japan. Since then, the times have changed, but in order to continue to convey this philosophy even in modern times, we believe that it is essential to continue to be deeply involved with educational institutions such as elementary schools, kindergartens, and nursery schools.

For this reason, we have sales staff assigned to each prefecture in Japan to constantly explore the needs of children for the purpose of providing detailed support. In addition to educational institutions, we will strengthen sales at pharmacies and pharmacies so that customers can purchase Kawai Cod Liver Oil Drops anytime, anywhere, and actively engage in activities toward business establishments such as consumer co-ops and health insurance associations. It is expanding.

Kametaro's dreams, thoughts, and commitment

A healthy life is an eternal wish that never changes, and there are no borders in the minds of those who dream of it. Export business to overseas countries started in 1979. In 1995, TV commercials were started in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The lineup of "Kawaii Cod Liver Oil Drop", which easily supplements the vitamins needed by the body, is now attracting attention from Asian countries.

Approximately one century since its founding, the strong will to contribute to society through the idea of "health education" has been passed down to each and every employee, and Kametaro's dreams, thoughts, and commitments contained in a grain of jelly are now. It is also carefully protected in the "Kawaii Cod Liver Oil Drop".

Research, manufacturing, and quality control are integrated, and we strive every day to manufacture products that are more effective and easier to take, faster and at lower prices, and deliver them to everyone through strict quality control.

It is Kametaro's joy and our joy to provide an environment where all children can grow up healthy and to help create an environment where people all over the world can live in good health.

・Kawai Liver Oil Drop S contains Vitamin AD, which is known as the main component of liver oil. It is a banana-flavored jelly-like drop that can be taken without water, making it easy for anyone to take.

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