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Seirogan<<Japanese traditional medicine

Image of seirogan bottle and package

Japanese regular medicine:Seirogan

"Seirogan" has been loved by families for over 100 years since it was released in 1902, two years before the Russo-Japanese War.

Mr. Saichi Nakajima of Tennoji-ku, Osaka City domestically produced a drug whose main ingredient is Japanese Pharmacopoeia Creosote (hereinafter referred to as "creosote"), and started manufacturing and selling it as "Chuyu Seirogan".

At that time, it was a big problem for the Japanese army that the cause of death of soldiers was more sick than the death in battle in the unsanitary foreign land. The tree creosote, which entered from Germany at the end of the Edo period, was used not only for gastrointestinal diseases but also for pneumonia and pulmonary tuberculosis. The Creosote Maru, or Seirogan, is the one that you can take with you.

It is said that the product name was given to conquer Russia (Russia) and to raise the morale of the generals from the background of the era before the Russo-Japanese War.

Since the release of "Seirogan", it has been used as a regular medicine in Japan because of its effectiveness. In 1946, after World War II, Taiko Pharmaceutical's founder, Otojiro Shibata, inherited the manufacturing and marketing rights of Taiko Seirogan and resumed manufacturing and sales as "Nakajima Seirogan." .. After that, in 1954, the trademark of "Seirogan" was registered, and it became the current name of "Seirogan".

Since the second generation, Taku Shibata, became president in 1948, we have been focusing on the manufacture and sale of Seirogan. Then, by actively promoting through radio and television, Seirogan is now sold as a national brand drug at pharmacies and pharmacies nationwide.

Active ingredients of Seirogan

The active ingredients of Seirogan have not changed much for 100 years, except for some crude drugs.

The main component, wood creosote, was once imported from Sweden, but is now produced in-house to ensure a stable supply and increased quality reliability. We also strive to ensure a stable supply and quality of crude drugs such as licorice powder, asenyaku powder, gambir powder, and chenpi powder by confirming the original plants, investigating the production areas, and providing management guidance.

Diarrhea can be caused by a variety of causes, including food poisoning, cold diarrhea, viral diarrhea, neurological diarrhea, AIDS diarrhea, and more recently SARS diarrhea.

Recently, considerable elucidation has been made on how Seirogan is effective against diarrhea. Wood creosote has the effect of suppressing the secretion of intestinal juice into the intestinal tract.

In addition, wood creosote is absorbed into the blood from the stomach immediately after taking it, suppressing excessive movement of the large intestine, suppressing the insertion of the abdomen, and consequently promoting water absorption in the intestinal tract.

Seirogan seems to be effective due to the bactericidal action of wood creosote, but in reality, wood creosote exerts its effect on the intestinal tract via blood without affecting the intestinal flora.

Seirogan crisis

There was a serious crisis in the 100-year history of Seirogan. It is a reassessment of prescription drugs.

Wood Creosote will also be re-evaluated.

However, the latest data showing safety and effectiveness are scarce, and there was a risk that wood creosote could not be used as it is.

At that time, Taiko Pharmaceutical had begun its own safety testing of wood creosote, so we were able to fully cooperate with the reassessment and prove its safety and effectiveness. In recent years, Taiko Pharmaceutical has conducted Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials of wood creosote in the United States, but prior to that, it conducted a carcinogenicity test of wood creosote in the United States. We conducted the latest GLP exams, reported the results to the US FDA, and submitted papers to specialized journals.

The results were similar to the previous test, reaffirming the safety. In addition, Taiko Pharmaceutical has confirmed the efficacy and safety of Seirogan as a pharmaceutical product. Such efforts are also very useful for obtaining the approval of Seirogan in other countries.

Seirogan's overseas expansion

Regarding the overseas expansion of Seirogan, we have been exporting to Southeast Asia and Hawaii since 1954. It is currently approved as a drug in Canada, but is marketed as a dietary supplement in the United States.

In China, the largest market in Southeast Asia, it has been approved as an OTC drug, and sales are growing steadily every year. The Hong Kong and Taiwan markets are also growing steadily, but we are also exporting to Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Vietnam.

There are many areas in the world where hygiene is still poor and the medical system is not well-developed. Many people in these areas suffer from dehydration due to diarrhea. I am convinced that Seirogan, which is safe, effective and inexpensive, will continue to be useful to people all over the world.

Seirogan with the trumpet mark

Taiko Pharmaceutical with the trumpet mark includes antidiarrheals such as "Seirogan" and "Seirogan Sugar Coat A" that suppresses odors, as well as "Trumpet Intestinal Medicine BF" containing lactic acid bacteria and dimethylpolysiloxane, and wood vinegar related products. We also manufacture and sell, and will continue to make further efforts not only as a gastrointestinal drug manufacturer but also as a health creation company for our customers.

・The natural ingredient, Japanese Pharmacopoeia creosote, does not stop the movement of the intestines, regulates the water balance in the intestines, and acts on the stomach.

・This drug contains crude drugs such as Japanese Pharmacopoeia creosote, which is the main ingredient, as well as Asenyaku powder, Oubaku powder, Gambir powder, and Chenpi powder, and is slightly moist and soft with a unique odor. It is a pill.

・It is effective against loose stools and diarrhea caused by foods and drinks such as food, water and indigestion, and loose stools and diarrhea caused by stress and cold.


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