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Hiya kiogan<<Japanese traditional medicine

Hiyakiogan package

The beginning year 1622 (Yuanhe 8th year)

History of Hiya kiogan

There is a rumor that the original prescription for Hiya Kiogan was brought by Ganjin Kazujo, who came to Japan in the 8th century, but the same medicine as Kiogan does not exist in mainland China or the Korean peninsula, so it was not used in Japan.

The prevailing theory is that it is a uniquely Japanese preparation based on the traditional Japanese formula.

Additionally, there is a document that states that the prescription for Kiōgan was discovered at Todaiji Temple around 1510, and that when it was used to treat various illnesses according to the prescription, it had miraculous effects and was therefore named ``Kīōgan.'' ing.

Although Kiōgan was a good medicine, the raw materials were very expensive, and it was only available to a few upper class people as a noble medicine.

The company's founder, Chubei Hiya, was unable to see this situation and decided to bring this highly effective medicine to the general public.

In 1622 (Genwa 8), he started selling Hinoya Kiomaru in Tenma, Osaka.

Chubei struggled to make it affordable to the general public, and by making the dosage form extremely small and lowering the price of each pill, he was able to reduce the price without changing the quality of Hinoya Kiomaru.

Hiya Kiogan developed advertising that suited the times, and after the war, it quickly focused on television advertising.

In 1960 (Showa 35), he won the CM Song ABC Award, and Hinoya Kiomaru's name became remembered in the phrase of the song.

On the other hand, Chubei's idea of ​​``quality first'' has remained unchanged for about 400 years.

Hiya Kiogan has earned a lot of trust because of its continued quality protection, and even today it continues to gain support as a drug that mothers can safely use for their babies.

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Of the productintroduction

Hiya Kiogan Tokusen Kinnugun consists of 5 carefully selected herbal medicines, and has a gentle effect on children's night crying and itchiness. It is also highly effective in improving symptoms such as not having a serious illness, but feeling unwell, such as eating poorly, feeling loose in the stomach, and catching a cold or fever several times a month.


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