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Chocola BB Plus <<Japanese traditional medicine

Chocola BB Plus packaging and bottle

The beginning of "Chocola BB"

Toyoji Naito, the founder of Eisai, registered the trademark for chocolate-flavored cola drinks under the name "chocolate." Since it was a familiar name, it was the beginning of "Chocola BB" that was used for the vitamin preparation released in 1952.

At that time, shortly after the war, the food situation was not so good, and we started selling it as a remedy for skin and mucous membranes.

Since then, in Japan, the westernization of food has progressed, animal proteins and lipids have increased, and on the contrary, the intake of carbohydrates and dietary fiber has decreased. Excessive intake of fat consumes a large amount of vitamin B2 in the body, leading to vitamin B2 deficiency, and the symptoms of "tiredness, rough skin, and mouth ulcer" are likely to appear.

"Chocola BB" carefully disseminated information on "vitamin B2, which is useful for fat metabolism."

The Chocola BB brand continues to send out "supporting the beauty and energy of all women" as a brand message, and is developing a series that meets the changing and diversifying needs of women and life stages with the times.

In 1990, we launched the Chocola BB Drink series, including Japan's leading vitamin preparation, Chocola BB Plus, and pioneered a new market for women's drinks. It is highly recognized by women as a "brand that supports beauty and energy."

As of 2020, the "Chocola BB" brand has 18 products that support women, and the categories range from third-class drugs, quasi-drugs, nutritionally functional foods, and foods with functional claims.

In 2017, the Chocola BB brand will celebrate its 65th anniversary.

It has been used by mothers to daughters and from daughters to grandchildren for generations.

We will continue to be close to the emotions of our customers and aim to be a brand that supports beauty and energy closest to women.

・Contains active vitamin B2, which is well absorbed and easily used in the body.

・Uses a one-touch cap that is convenient for taking out.

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