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Herbal Medicine used for mental illness

Advantages and disadvantages of traditional Herbal medicine in Herbal Medicine used for mental illness


1. I don't have much sleepiness in Western medicine used for mental illness.

2. It is easy to adjust when the effect is too strong with Western medicine.

3. Less risk of side effects than Western medicine.

4. The amount of medicine can be adjusted in combination with Western medicine.

5. There is no dependence, and it is easy to reduce or discontinue the drug when symptoms improve.​


1.There is no immediate effect compared to Western medicine.

2.The taste and smell are unique and sometimes difficult to drink.

Examples of Herbal Medicine used for mental illness


It is effective for symptoms such as anxiety and tension, irritation, depression, insomnia, and nervous palpitations. It is often used to treat panic disorders, especially when there is an anxiety symptom such as stuffiness in the throat or pressure in the throat.


It has been used as a sleeping pill for a long time to calm the mind and induce a restful sleep. Suitable for the type of insomnia where you can't sleep well.


It is used for hot flashes, irregular menstruation, menopause, etc., and relieves symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, and irritation associated with autonomic imbalance, as well as stiff shoulders, headache, heavy head, upper body warmth, and lower body cold. It is effective for psychiatric symptoms in women.


It is used to relieve nervousness. It is used for mental symptoms such as irritation and insomnia, as well as for babies staying asleep at night. Since it is less burdensome on the body, it has recently been used for frustration and anxiety among the elderly, and can be used by all ages.

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