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Bofutsushosan is now effective for obesity! ?

“Bofutsushosan” is a herbal medicine containing 18 kinds of herbal medicines. This medicine is used by people who have physical strength and have a lot of subcutaneous fat in their abdomen, so-called fat fat and tend to have constipation. It is effective for movements, stiff shoulders, hot flashes, swelling, constipation, eczema / dermatitis and acne associated with high blood pressure and obesity. It may also be used for sinusitis in people with similar constitution.

“Bofutsushosan” promotes the elimination of wastes such as sweating, defecation, and diuresis, and corrects the body balance to cure the disease. Even if the names of unrelated diseases such as high blood pressure, palpitations, and constipation are listed, it is the Chinese medicine's way of thinking that each of them is considered a part of the disease of the obese constitution.

By the way, this prescription is the same as “Nishitoru” from Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

This medicine is effective for obesity in people who tend to have constipation.

Side effects include mild skin rash / redness, itching, stomach discomfort, diarrhea with severe pain, and abdominal pain. Severe ones include interstitial pneumonia, pseudoaldosteronism, liver dysfunction.

Do not take with other laxatives as it contains laxative ingredients.

Also, “Boiogito” is suitable for people who are fair and have soft muscles and are so-called watery.

If you want to reduce visceral fat, do not eat more than necessary. It is also effective to perform a lightly loaded exercise for 15 to 20 minutes, such as a pulse of about 100 to 120 times per minute. And do “dumbbell exercises” and “slow training” continuously to avoid dropping your muscles. If your muscles fall, you will end up with a constitution that makes it difficult for fat to burn.

It ’s important to think about your health and review your life.

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