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A woman who has a stomach ache but resists going to the toilet

Diarrhea is a defensive reaction that tries to get toxic substances out of the body, but it can also be caused by stress, overeating, overdrinking, and cold.

Not only does it interfere with daily life, but it also causes loss of water and physical strength, so medicines are used to temporarily control the symptoms.

Consider using drugs

If it doesn't interfere with your daily life or work, but diarrhea can also cause dehydration, so consider using medication as needed. You can choose an easy-to-use product depending on the situation where you need medicine, such as keeping it at home or putting it in a bag.


Suppresses the peristaltic movements of the digestive tract and the secretion of water and electrolytes in the intestinal tract.

Intestinal regulator

By supplementing with good bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria, the intestinal environment is adjusted.

Scopolia extract

Anticholinergic action suppresses gastrointestinal peristalsis.


Regulates gastrointestinal water secretion and normalizes gastrointestinal peristalsis.


Suppresses gastrointestinal peristalsis and intestinal putrefactive fermentation.


A film is formed in the intestines to protect the morning mucous membranes and reduce inflammation.


Adsorbs harmful substances and excess water in the intestines.

Basic idea

grade fever (lower than 38 degrees) or nausea, you may have an infection, so it is basic to use an intestinal regulator.

Roberamide is the first-line drug to prevent diarrhea, but if you do not have benign prostatic hyperplasia or glaucoma, Scopolia extract is also an option. If you may be engaged in work such as driving a car after taking it, use other medicines such as wood creosote or berberine. In addition, it is necessary to rehydrate to prevent dehydration.

There are no strict criteria for using anti-diarrhea drugs.

Both medicines are good choices when you have sudden abdominal pain or diarrhea due to stress or cold. However, when an infectious disease is suspected, it is basic to use an antidiarrheal agent instead of an antidiarrhea.

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Stress and food poisoning, abdominal pain due to cold, diarrhea

If you are having trouble with your daily life due to stress or food poisoning, abdominal pain or diarrhea caused by cold, antidiarrhea is an option. There are few reports on the superiority or inferiority of medicines, so there are no strict selection criteria.

Diarrhea due to infectious disease

Diarrhea is also a defense reaction of the body to eliminate bacteria and viruses in the digestive tract. It may be counterproductive. Therefore, it is basic to treat with an antidiarrheal agent without using antidiarrhea. However, if you really need to stop diarrhea because you are traveling, consider using wood creosote, which has little effect on stopping the movement of the intestinal tract, as a trump card.

Different dosage forms There are a wide variety of dosage forms to prevent diarrhea. You can choose from those that you can drink without water, those that have no odor, those that have a fruity flavor, and those that are easy to carry, depending on the situation and taste of the user.

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