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It is a simple herbal medicine composed only of "peony drug" and "licorice root". It is used widely as a medicine for pain relief.
It is prescribed in the medicine book of China · Han Dynasty called "Theory of Wound Cold", it is known for its immediate effect from long ago."Shikara drug licorice hot water" is often used for pain accompanied by sudden muscle cramps, it is known as a chewing medicine. It is also used for acute lumbago and abdominal pain. In addition, it is also widely used for pain accompanying cramps in internal organs muscles, and it is also applied to stomach pain, colic pain during strokes of gallstones / urolithiasis, menstrual pain and the like.
Recently, it is said to be useful for measures against muscle cramps, such as people with cirrhosis or people undergoing dialysis due to renal failure.


Pain accompanied by sudden muscle cramps, muscle / joint pain, stomach pain, abdominal pain


Dosing and Administration
Please divide 7.5 g (3 package)of adults per day into 2 to 3 times and drink with water or lukewarm water before meals or between meals. It is medicine to take only when there are symptoms

Internal capacity


(1)Please be sure to tell your doctor or pharmacist before using.
I have used all medicine before and it has caused allergic symptoms such as itching and rash. Aldosteronism, hypokalemia, myopathy.
Pregnant or lactating
We are using other medicines (we may strengthen or weaken each other 's actions, so please be careful including other general - use medicines and foods in use).

(2)Rash, redness, itching, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. are reported as main side effects. If you notice such symptoms, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.



7.5g of this product contains 2.5g of mixed herbal dried extract in the following ratio.
Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP) Glycyrrhiza 6.0g
JP Peony 6.0g

Additives: JP magnesium stearate, JP lactose hydrate


068 TSUMURA Shakuyakukanzoto Granules 2.5g Peony & Licorice Decoction From Japan

  • It can be used regardless of physical strength, and it is painful with sudden convulsions of the muscles.

    Komuragare, muscle cramps, abdominal pain, back pain

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