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Relief of various symptoms of a common cold: running nose, stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat, cough, phlegm (sputum), chills (feeling cold due to fever), fever,headache, joint pain, and muscle pain.



Take the following dose with cold or lukewarm water within 30 minutes after a meal whenever possible.
15 years or over: 3 tablets per dose, 3 times daily
Children aged 12?14 years old: 2 tablets, 3 times a day
Children under 12 years old: Do not take this drug.
Comply with the prescribed dosage and administration instructions.
The use of the drug in children should be supervised by a parent.
Do not return the tablets touched by wet fingers into the jar. (It will cause discoloration and may deteriorate the quality.)


Internal Capacity

210 tablets


<Warning!! >
When not to use the product
(If you do not follow these instructions, the current symptoms may worsen or adverse reactions/incidents are more likely to occur.)
This product should not be used in the following persons:
Persons who have had an allergic symptom to this drug or its ingredients.
Patients who have experienced asthma from taking this drug or other cold remedies, antipyretic analgesics.
This drug should not be taken together with the following drugs:
Other cold medicines, antipyretics/analgesics, sedatives, expectorants, internal medicine, etc. containing antihistamines (internal medicine for rhinitis, medicine for motion sickness, medicine for allergies, etc.) and gastrointestinal analgesics
●After taking this drug, do not drive a car or operate machinery (sleepiness may occur).
For those who are lactating, do not use this medicine or avoid lactating while using this medicine.
Do not drink alcohol before and after taking this drug.
● Do not take this medicine for a long time
●The following persons should contact a physician, pharmacist, or registered salesperson for a consultation before administration.
Patients undergoing medical treatment from a physician or dentist.
Pregnant women or women suspected of being pregnant.
The elderly
Patients who have experienced allergic symptoms associated with drugs, etc.
Persons with the following symptoms:
urination difficulty
Persons diagnosed as having the following
thyroid disease
heart disease
Liver disease
kidney disease
Gastric/duodenal ulcer
Respiratory functional disorder, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, adiposity
●If the following symptoms are observed after taking this drug, these may be adverse reactions, so immediately discontinue the use of this drug, and show this document to your physician, pharmacist, or registered salesperson for a consultation.
Gastrointestinal system
Neuropsychiatric system
Loss of appetite
Urinary system:
urination difficulty
Excessive temperature decrease
The following serious symptoms may occur in rare cases. In such cases, immediately seek medical aid from a physician.
Shock (anaphylaxis): Symptoms, such as itching of skin, urticaria, hoarseness, sneezing, itchy throat, breathing difficulties, palpitations, and clouding of consciousness may occur immediately after take.
Oculomucocutaneous syndrome (Stevens-Johnson syndrome), toxic epidermal necrolysis, acute generalised exanthematous pustulosis: Hyperthermia, ocular hyperaemia, eye discharge, lip erosion, pain throat, widespread skin rash/redness, small pimples (small pustules) on reddened skin, general malaise, anorexia, etc. may persist or suddenly worsen.
Hepatic function failure: Symptoms, such as fever, itching, rash, jaundice (yellowing of skin and white of eyes), brown urine, general malaise, loss of appetite, etc. may occur.
Kidney disorders: Symptoms, su...
Precautions for storage and handling
Avoid direct sunlight, and store the product in a cool place with an air tight closure on.
Store the product beyond the reach of children.
Do not transfer the drug to other containers. (It may lead to misuse or quality deterioration)
Do not use the product past the expiration date. Even before the expiration date, use the product within 6 months after it is opened (to assure the quality).



In 3 tablets
Guaifenesin 60mg 

Dihydrocodeine Phosphate 8mg 
dl-Methylephedrine Hydrochloride 20mg 
Acetaminophen 300mg 
Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2.5mg 
Anhydrous caffeine 25mg 
Riboflavin 4mg

PABRON GOLD A 210 TABLETS From Japan High Quality!!!

  • Relief of various symptoms of a common cold: running nose, stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat, cough, phlegm (sputum), chills (feeling cold due to fever), fever,headache, joint pain, and muscle pain.

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