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Kawai Kanyu-Drop S 300 Tablets liver oilVitamin AD Dry eyes Night blindness From Japan



Kawai Kanyu-Drop S contains vitamins A and D, known as the main components of liver oil.

It is a banana-flavored jelly drop that can be chewed without water, making it easy for anyone to take.



Dry eyes.

Night-blindness (difficulty seeing in the dark).

Poor development of bone teeth.

Prevention of rickets.


Supplementation of vitamins A and D in the following cases: during pregnancy and lactation, when physical strength decreases during and after illness, during development, and in old age



Adults (15 years old and over) Chew 2 tablets once a day.

1 to 15 years old: Chew 1 tablet once a day.

Internal capacity

300 Tablets


1. The following people should consult a doctor or pharmacist before taking this medicine.

(1) People under medical treatment.

(2) Pregnant women within 3 months of pregnancy, those who think they are pregnant, or those who wish to become pregnant. (It has been reported that the rate of congenital anomalies increased in babies born to pregnant women