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Dexamethasone Oral Ointment 0.1%「NK」5g×10 To stomatitis From Japan



It is a medicine that suppresses inflammation in the mouth. Used for canker sores and tongue inflammation.


Intractable stomatitis or tongue inflammation


Dosing and Administration
Usually, an appropriate amount is applied to the affected area once to several times a day. The dosage may be adjusted according to the symptoms.

Internal capacity

[In use]
Please use correctly as decided. Read the manual carefully.
If the affected area is wet with water or saliva, you may want to wipe it with a gauze etc before applying.
After use, please avoid eating and drinking for a while.
The effect is excellent, but if you use a large amount easily for a long time, various side effects are likely to occur. Let's limit it to the affected area instructed by your doctor and do not spread it on a healthy area. It should not be used for any purpose other than treatment such as adhesion of dentures. In general, weight loss should be discontinued with symptomatic relief.


in 1g

Active IngredientDosage

Additives: liquid paraffin, sodium polyacrylate, gelled hydrocarbons

【10sets】Dexamethasone Oral Ointment 0.1%「NK」5g×10 To stomatitis From Japan

  • A steroid-containing ointment developed for the treatment of canker sores. The adhesion to the affected area is good and covers the affected area for a long time even in the oral cavity.

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