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What is hair growth agent? Medicines and methods needed to grow hair

A man with thin hair massaging his scalp

Purpose:hair growth agent

Thinning hair is not directly life-threatening, but it can significantly change the impression of appearance, and the demand for therapeutic agents is enormous. Hair loss is caused not only by aging but also by various causes, so it is important to choose a hair growth agent that matches the cause and symptoms.

Minoxidil: Improves the thickness and amount of hair by improving blood flow and promoting hair growth.

Carpronium: Acts on dysfunctional hair and promotes hair growth.

Menopausal alopecia

a disease in which hair becomes thin due to the genetic background and the action of the male hormone "testosterone".

It is characterized by hair loss mainly on the crown and frontal region, and the decrease of thick and long hair and the increase of thin and short hair.

This is due to abnormal hair cycles that stop growing and fall out before the hair becomes thick and long enough.


・ Suddenly, a large amount of hair is being removed, and many hairs can be removed by pulling a little.

If you have a large amount of hair loss of 100 or more per day, or if you lose many hairs with just a little pull, it is possible that you have autoimmune disease, thyroid disease, strong stress, side effects of drugs, ringworm infection, etc. There is sex.

・ The hair loss part is in a state where the skin is clearly visible.

If the scalp is clearly visible rather than thinned, there is a possibility of hair loss due to some disease.

・ I have a thyroid disease.

Hair loss may occur as one of the symptoms of thyroid disease (hyperthyroidism / hypothyroidism).

Is hair loss within 100 hairs a day normal?

Normally, a person has about 100,000 to 120,000 hairs.

Hair in the "telogen" period, which can fall out, accounts for 10 to 15% of the total.

Therefore, it is considered that removing about 100 hairs a day is generally within the normal range.

Basic Policy

For age-related "age-related alopecia", "minoxidil" is the first choice for both men and women.

If you do not have alopecia or have heart disease and cannot use minoxidil, use carpronium.

Also, if you have symptoms such as itching or eczema on your scalp, prioritize the treatment of skin symptoms.


Male (M-shaped thin crown and frontal region → Minoxidil

female (Overall thinning from frontal region to parietal region → Minoxidil

is unlikely to be alopecia → Carpronium

There is a serious disease in the heart → Minoxidil is Should be avoided

During pregnancy / lactation → Minoxidil should be avoided Minoxidil has

symptoms of scratches, eczema / itching on the scalp → Before starting hair loss treatment For dermatitis with external steroids or oral antihistamines Treat.

Beware of "hair loss" when you are underage hair loss. If the hair on your

dominant hand is unnaturally torn or has a non-circular or non-elliptical shape, make your hair unconscious. There is a possibility of a mental disease called "hair loss" that is pulled out.

This requires treatment and care different from hair growth drugs.

Features of the main active ingredients


Brand name: Reup series, Scalp Dee Medical Minoxidil 5, Ligro EX 5


Most recommended in the guidelines for alopecia.

men, there is a 5% formulation that is more effective than the 1% formulation

for alopecia in womenIt


It cannot be used for alopecia other than menopausal alopecia.

takes about 4 months even with 1% formulation and 5% formulation to confirm the effect

Resting hair loss that occurs at the beginning of use stops may cause

circulatory side effects such as the heart.

Safety during pregnancy has not been established. It

should be avoided because it is transferred to breast milk.



solutionA combination of crude drugs has been reported to be effective against alopecia. The

guidelines evaluate menopausal alopecia and minoxidil.


effect is limited and the result is that the hair recovers to a satisfactory degreeNot

available. Can be used during pregnancy.

There are no restrictions on its use even during lactation.

Overview of testosterone The drug does not increase hair.

Hair growth drugs promote the growth of body hair other than hair, such as eyebrows, beard, and chest hairThere is also an external medicine for testosterone used for

Microgen / Pasta 30g

However, testosterone does not increase hair, so applying it to the scalp has no effect. Be careful not to use it incorrectly.

Hair growth agentQhair growth agent:Q & A

Q1: How effective is minoxidil?

A: It takes about 4 to 6 months.

Minoxidil is a drug that has been shown to have a hair-growth effect, but it will take some time before you can feel the effect. It is necessary to continue using the 5% formulation for 4 months and the 1% formulation for 6 months.

The effectiveness of hair growth products cannot be determined in a few days or weeks.

Minoxidil is effective for men and women with alopecia, but it is not immediately effective after use. The effect is obtained in 16 weeks with the high-concentration 5% formulation, but it takes 24 weeks to determine the effect with the 1% formulation.

Therefore, it is necessary to continue using it for at least 4 to 6 months to realize the effect

. Be careful of treatment interruption due to telogen effluvium in the early stage of use.

Hair repeats a cycle of a growth period in which the hair grows thicker, a regression period in which the growth declines, and a rest period in which the growth stops and falls out. In telogen effluvium, the shortening of this growth period causes the hair to become thinner and shorter, and it also becomes stagnant for a long time during the telogen period.

Minoxidil has the effect of promoting the transition from telogen to anagen, but at this time, the hair that was stagnant in the telogen state will fall out once to change to new hair. This temporary hair loss (telogen effluvium) is a major cause of stopping treatment, so when starting treatment, it is necessary to be careful not to misunderstand and interrupt the treatment. ..

Q2: Is minoxidil more effective than carpronium?

A2: Minoxidil works better for menopausal alopecia, but its efficacy is narrow.

Minoxidilis used preferentially because it is more effective than carpronium, which is known for menopausal alopecia. However, since minoxidil preparations cannot be used for symptoms other than alopecia areata, carpronium is used in cases such as alopecia areata and alopecia areata.

Effect on aging alopecia Choose from minoxidil and carpronium for age-related thinning hair (age-related alopecia). However, minoxidil is overwhelmingly reported to have a definite effect, and theguidelinesalso show a difference of 2 degrees in the recommendation level.

However, minoxidil carries the risk of cardiovascular side effects, so it is safer to choose carpronium for people with severe heart disease. In addition, minoxidil preparations can only be used for menopausal alopecia, and the drug itself is very expensive, so it is necessary to consult with the symptoms and price.

Effect on alopecia areata, bran alopecia, etc.

Carpronium preparations can be used not only for alopecia areata but also for various alopecia such as the following.

Alopecia areata: Deformation, oval-shaped baldness

Areata: Hair loss with dandruff

Hair loss after illness or childbirth

Alopecia Temporary

Q4: High concentration of 5% minoxidil is also effective for alopecia areata in womenthe

effect does not change much even at high concentrations.

There are 1% and 5% minoxidil preparations, but at present, it is said that the effect obtained by high concentration of minoxidil does not change much for women. Therefore, only 1% of the product is sold for women.

Evidence of 5% minoxidil preparation, which differs between men and women

The hair growth effect of minoxidil has been reported not only in men but also in women. However, unlike men, who increase the amount and speed of hair growth by using a higher concentration of 5% formulation, the effect does not change much in women even if the concentration of minoxidil is increased. Therefore, at present, only 5% minoxidil preparations are sold for men.

Thus, there are very few effective options for women with alopecia, including other treatments.

Q5: Can I use a hair growth pill even if I have a wound, eczema, or itching on my skin?

A 5: In that case, treat the skin symptoms before using the hair growth pill.

Hair growth pills for external use contain alcohol and fragrances as additives. Therefore, if you have symptoms such as scalp, wounds, eczema, or itching, you may feel strong irritation and worsen the symptoms.

Skin symptoms must first be treated before using hair growth pills.

Be aware of the side effects of local irritation.

Alcohols such as ethanol and propylene glycol and fragrances such as menthol contained in minoxidil and carpronium preparations may cause locally irritating side dishes. This irritation can be exacerbated by scratches and eczema on the skin, which can exacerbate skin symptoms. Therefore, if you have symptoms such as scars or itching on your scalp, you should first treat your skin symptoms and then consider using a hair growth pill again.

Alopecia areata may be improved with an overview of steroids and oral antihistamines.

Patients with alopecia areata are known to be commonly associated with atopic dermatitis. Therefore, when atopic dermatitis is the cause of hair loss, steroids are used for the hair loss part. Alternatively, taking second-generation antihistamines may improve the symptoms of alopecia areata.

For this reason, if you have allergic symptoms such as itching or eczema on your scalp, it is very important to treat the skin symptoms first, not only to avoid side effects, but also from the aspect of treatment. However, in either case, if you do not see any improvement in about a week, you will need to go to the hospital.

Q6: Should people with heart disease not use minoxidil?

A6: If the symptoms are severe or unstable You should avoid it.

Minoxidil is a drug originally developed as an antihypertensive drug and may act on the circulatory system such as the heart. Therefore, it is safe to avoid it if you have severe symptoms such as high blood pressure, angina, arrhythmia, or if your condition is not stable.

Although rare, adverse effects on the heart have been reported.

Minoxidil overview reports cardiovascular side effects such as elevated blood pressure, palpitation, and heart failure. Therefore, it is safer for people with severe heart disease to refrain from using minoxidil and to choose carpronium or, for men, oral medications such as finasteride prescribed in the hospital.

However, these side effects are extremely rare and the package insert does not specify that they are prohibited. If the symptoms are mild or the condition is stable due to treatment, it is also an option to use while paying attention to the following signs of side effects.

Signs of cardiovascular side effects

Headache, chest pain, fast heartbeat, swelling of limbs, rapid weight gain

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