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Examples of consultations that are common at Christmas time

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Illustration of Santa Claus carrying medical supplies in Christmas landscape

Regarding the topic of medicines related to Christmas, we mainly receive the following consultations:

  • Seasonal allergies and what to do about them: Allergic reactions to the tree and decorations can occur around Christmas. In such cases, antihistamines and allergy medicines may be effective.

  • Prevention and treatment of colds and flu: The winter season is the time when colds and flu are most common. This includes vaccinations, antiviral medications if symptoms occur, and medications to relieve symptoms.

  • Indigestion and gastrointestinal symptoms: People often enjoy lavish meals at Christmas, which can lead to indigestion and upset stomachs. Digestive and gastrointestinal medications can help with these symptoms.

  • Managing stress and anxiety: While holidays can be fun, they can also make you feel anxious and nervous due to the stress of interacting with family and preparing for them. In these cases, a mild sedative to help you relax and, if necessary, medical consultation is recommended.

  • Pain management: Pain medications may be used to treat muscle aches and other pain that may occur during the preparations for Christmas.

We receive many inquiries like the one above.

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