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MOHRUS series price cut

Jul 31, 2023

Recently, I feel the momentum of inflation is very strong.

This works very against you.

I started this project to resist it as much as possible.

We want to help as much as possible, so please use it.

35 Sheets】HISAMITSU MOHRUS TAPE L40mg 7sheets(Patch)×5 $42.29>>US$39.99

70 Sheets】HISAMITSU MOHRUS TAPE L40mg 7sheets(Patch)×10 $81.89>>US$72.99

【70 Sheets】 MOHRUS TAPE 20mg 7sheets(patch)×10 Pack $46.79>>US$42.99

【5sets】MOHRUS pap 60mg 7sheets[×5] 「Hisamitsu」 $43.19>>US$37.99

【5sets】MOHRUS pap 60mg 7sheets[×5] 「Hisamitsu」 $53.99>>US$48.99

【70 Sheets】KETOPROFEN TAPE 40mg 7sheet×10set 「SANWA $64.79>>US$55.99

【70 Sheets】KETOPROFEN TAPE 20mg 7sheet×10set 「SANWA」 $31.49>>US$28.99

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