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Thiamine Disulfide Tablets 10mgTSURUHARA1000Tablets supplement with vitamin B1 From Japan



Vitamin B1 formulation

Medicine that supplements vitamin B1 and improves numbness, swelling, palpitations, loss of appetite, deterioration of nerves and motor functions, etc.



Prevention and treatment of vitamin B1 deficiency

Supplementation when the demand for vitamin B1 is increased and dietary intake is insufficient (wasting disease, hyperthyroidism, pregnant women, nursing women, during heavy physical labor, etc.)

Wernicke's encephalitis

beriberi shock



As thiamine disulfide, the usual adult dosage is 1 to 10 mg once orally, 1 to 3 times a day.


Internal capacity

1000 Tablets



The following adverse reactions may occur. Patients should be carefully monitored, and if any abnormalities are observed, appropriate measures such as discontinuing administration should be taken.

Hypersensitivity: Hypersensitivity symptoms:

Digestive system: nausea, vomiting, etc.



Mild itching, discomfort in the mouth, etc.



1 tablet)

10 mg of thiamine disulfide


Additives: Yellow No. 4 (tartrazine), corn starch, lactose hydrate, magnesium stearate, hydroxypropylcellulose, refined sucrose, talc, precipitated calcium carbonate, gum arabic powder, calcium sulfate, carnauba wax

Thiamine Disulfide Tablets 10mg「TSURUHARA」1000Tablets supplement with vitamin B1


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