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It is used for the treatment of symptoms of hemorrhoids (bleeding, pain, swelling, itching), anal surgical wounds, eczema around the anus and dermatitis. It enhances the leukocyte migration ability and shows local protective effect and has the action to cure the wound early by the granulation promoting action and the antiinflammatory effect.


Alleviation of symptoms of hemorrhoids / anal fissure (bleeding, pain, swelling, itching), remediation of symptoms of anorectal surgical wound, eczema / dermatitis around the anus, mild proctitis


Dosing and Administration
Apply or inject an appropriate amount one to three times a day to the affected area.

Internal capacity
Tube 2 g × 50

(1)Do not use patients with locally tuberculous, suppurative infections or viral diseases. [Hydrocortisone contained in this drug may worsen tuberculosis, suppurative infection or viral disease]

(2)Do not use patients with local fungal disease (candidiasis, ringworm etc). [Hydrocortisone contained in this drug may worsen mycosis (candidiasis, ringworm etc.)]
(3)Avoid long-term continuous use.

(4)When inserting into the anus, insert only the nozzle part, please pay attention not to put the whole container.



in 1g                                                                  

Active IngredientDosage
Suspension of E. coli bacteria suspension0.163 mL
 Hydrocortisone: 2.5 mg
  Additives: purified lanolin, white petrolatum, phenol

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  • It is used to treat epilepsy symptoms (bleeding, pain, swelling, pruritus), anal surgical wounds, eczema and dermatitis around the anus.

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