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Ryukakusan is a superfine powdered herbal medicine which is good for your throat, you can take without using water.

Works on sore throat, directly soothe tough cough, phlegm and other throat irritating symptoms.



Finely powdered ingredients such as platycodon and senega will work directly to the affected area of the throat.

Reactivates the throat's ciliary movement soothes coughs and excretes unwanted phlegm.

Unique mild effect of herbal medicines relieves unwanted symptoms while also being gentle to your body.


Cough, phlegm, throat irritation, swelling, sore throat, and other uncomfortable throat symptoms.


Dosing and Administration

Take the Ryukakusan powder using the attached spoon(one spoonful=0.3g)

Ryukakusan works directly on the throat mucus membrane. Please take without water.




Daily Usage

Adult(over 15)

1 spoon

3 to 6 times

11~ under 15

2/3 spoon

3 to 6 times

8~ under 11

1/2 spoon

3 to 6 times

5~ under 8

1/3 spoon

3 to 6 times

3~ under 5

1/4 spoon

3 to 6 times

1~ under 3

1/5 spoon

3 to 6 times

3 months ~ under 1

1/10 spoon

3 to 6 times

Under 3 months

Do not use





(1)Please follow the dosing and administration.

(2)For small children, take under adults' guidance and supervision.

(3)For infants under 2 year old, please follow doctor's instructions, provide them in the case of emergency.



1.8g(Adult daily usage)

Active Ingredient


Powdered Platycodon Root


Powdered Apricot Kernel


Powdered Senega


Powdered Glycyrrhiza



Volume: 90g ×2

【2 packs set】Ryukakusan 90g[x2] From Japan superfine powdered herbal medicine

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  • ● Herbal medicine saponin ingredients such as Kyoki and Senega act directly on the affected area of the throat.
    ● Activates the ciliated movement of the weakened throat, facilitates the discharge of tongue, and calms coughs.
    ● The gentle effect unique to herbal medicines relieves painful and gentle symptoms.

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