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【10sets】Rohto Digieye 12mL[x10] Eye drop To Eye fatigue by smartphone or computer From Japan


Blue light is a blue light of around 380 to 495 nanometers that is emitted much from an LED liquid crystal screen of a smartphone or a personal computer. It is pointed out that blue light has the property of being easily scattered in all directions, which causes glare of the eyes and flicker, causing fatigue of eyes etc.
"Rohto Digieye" is an eye drop focusing on eye fatigue, inflammation and congestion caused by blue light etc. Cell repair promoting component * 1 Active ingredient including all vitamin B2 (flavin adenine dinucleotide sodium), the maximum concentration in the standard * 2 was added.
Clean refreshing feeling.



Eye tiredness, ophthalmia due to ultraviolet rays or other light rays (such as snow eyes), conjunctival congestion, blepharitis (eyelid soreness), blurred vision (such as when there are many eyes), hard contact lens wearing Pleasure, prevention of eye disease (after swimming, when dust and sweat gets into the eyes, etc.), itching of eyes


Dosing and Administration
Please drop eye drops 1 to 2 drops once, 5 to 6 times a day.

Internal capacity
12mL ×10


(1)If you use it excessively, you may feel abnormal glare or may result in congestion, so please adhere strictly to usage and dosage.
(2)Please do not use with soft contact lens attached.
(3)The next person please consult your doctor, pharmacist or registered seller before using.
Person undergoing medical treatment
People who have had allergy symptoms due to medicine etc.
People with symptoms of stupid eyes
Person who was diagnosed with glaucoma
(4)The yellow color of the drug is the color of flavin adenine dinucleotide sodium (active vitamin B2).
It seems that it will be difficult to fall somewhat when you get on your clothes. Please be aware in advance.



Active IngredientDosage
Flavin adenine dinucleotide sodium0.05%
Neostigmine methyl sulfate 0.005%
Naphazoline hydrochloride0.003%
 Aminoethyl sulfonic acid (taurine)1% 
 Potassium L-aspartate 1%
 Pyridoxine hydrochloride0.1% 


【10sets】Rohto Digi eye 12mL [x10] Eye drop To Eye fatigue by smartphone

  • For eyestrain and inflammation caused by blue light on PCs and smartphones.

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