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IIt is a medicine that relieves swelling and pain. It is used for joint pain and muscle pain.

It is a transdermal preparation with anti-inflammatory drug as the main ingredient. \ This drug is developed as a percutaneous absorption type Loxonin tablet, which is widely used as a drug for drinking.

It is hardly absorbed into the body (in blood), so there are almost no systemic side effects.

It can be used casually, but its efficacy is slightly inferior to that of the same ingredient. In particular, it can not be expected to be very effective for strong inflammation in large joints such as knees.



Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic of the following diseases and symptoms

Osteoarthritis, myalgia, post-traumatic swelling / pain


Dosing and Administration

Depending on the condition, apply an appropriate amount to the affected area several times a day.


Internal capacity

50g ×10


【Person to be careful】

Although the amount is small, the medicinal ingredients are absorbed from the skin to the whole body. Do not use people who have had asthma attacks due to taking analgesics or antipyretics (aspirin asthma people).


Unsuitable case. . Aspirin people with asthma.

Cases that require attention. . People with asthma.


[In use]

Use as directed by your doctor. The paste is replaced only once a day. It is recommended that the plaster be rubbed into the affected area several times a day.

Do not use on wounds, eczema, eyes or mucous membranes.


[Pregnancy, breastfeeding]

In particular, extensive mass use during late pregnancy should be avoided.



in 1g

Active Ingredient


Loxoprofen sodium hydrate


(10 mg as anhydride)

Additives: Ethanol, 1,3-butylene glycol, hypromellose, carboxyvinyl polymer, 2,2', 2''-nitrilotriethanol


【10sets】LOXONIN GEL 1% 50g [x10] Pain Reliever From Japan

  • It spreads well and has little stickiness
    Quick-drying type

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