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Suppresses the action of in vivo substances such as histamine produced by allergies and improves symptoms such as itchy eyes and redness.
It is usually used to treat allergic conjunctivitis.



Allergic conjunctivitis



Usually, 1 to 2 drops are instilled 4 times a day (morning, noon, evening and before going to bed).


Internal Capacity

5 ml ×10



【Person to be careful】
[In use]
If you are wearing a soft contact lens, remove the contact lens before instillation, and attach it after at least 15 minutes after instillation.
The most commonly reported adverse reactions include blepharitis, blepharderitis, conjunctival redness, irritation, corneal erosion, and sleepiness. If you notice such symptoms, consult your doctor or pharmacist.


in 1 ml

Japan Bureau Ketotifen Fumarate 0.69 mg (0.5 mg as ketotifen)


Additives: Glycerin, concentrated benzalkonium chloride solution 50, pH regulator (hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide)

【10sets】Ketotifen Ophthalmic solution 0.05% 5mL×10 TOWA

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  • This medicine suppresses allergic symptoms such as itchy eyes and redness by suppressing allergic reactions in the eyes.

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