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The features of this medicine are that it has no adverse effects on the eye because it has no preservatives and that it can be used while wearing contact lenses.

Protects the surface of the eye and helps cure the wound. It also has the effect of stabilizing tears and preventing eye dryness. It is often used when the cornea and conjunctiva are damaged by dry eye etc.



Endogenous diseases such as keratoconjunctival epithelial disorder // Sjogren's syndrome, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, dry eye syndrome (dry eye) etc. associated with the following diseases.

Keratoconjunctival epithelial disorder associated with the following disease / / extrinsic disease due to post-treatment, drug, trauma, contact lens wear, etc.



Apply 1 drop once, 5 to 6 times a day, and increase or decrease depending on symptoms. Usually, 0.1% formulation is administered.


Internal Capacity

5mL ×10



There are almost no side effects. On the contrary, please consult at an early date when becoming redness and pain aggravate.

As the usage is unique, please refer to the manual carefully.



in 1 mL

Active Ingredient


Purified sodium hyaluronate



Additives: boric acid, borax, chlorhexidine gluconate, isotonic

【10sets】Hyaluronate PF Ophthalmic Solution 0.1 % 5ml×10 「NITTEN」 No preservative

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  • Promotes wound healing of the corneal epithelium.
    It also holds and stabilizes tears to prevent dry eyes.

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