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What is ringworm?(2)

pharmacist choosing medicine

Ringworm:Drug selection

Selection of drugs for tinea pedis and tinea pedis

In the case of the interdigital type, for the type with a dry onset site, select cream, ointment, gel, liquid, or spray.

For the ingredients, select a simple preparation of antifungal ingredients.

If it is moist, choose a cream, ointment, powder or gel that is relatively mild, and if it is particularly moist, choose an ointment.

If you have itching in both the dry type and the wet type, select a compounding agent that suppresses itching.

For vesicular types, all dosage forms are available as long as the blisters are not ruptured.

If the blisters are torn, choose a cream, ointment, or powder that is less irritating.

Also. As for the ingredients, select a simple preparation of antifungal ingredients to avoid irritation.

The vesicular type is often relatively itchy, so choose one that contains ingredients that suppress itching.

For the hyperkeratotic type, it is better to select creams, ointments, liquids and sprays, and those containing keratolytic components.

For tinea corporis, all dosage forms can be selected.

If it is difficult to use topical drugs or if the affected area is extensive, oral antifungal treatment may be appropriate. In that case, consult a hospital.

All dosage forms of tinea cruris are available.

If you have an itch or sore on your scrotum, see a doctor.

In addition, the choice of drug depends on the age and condition of the patient.

Elderly people and children have low skin barriers and are prone to irritation, so choose creams and ointments that are less irritating.

Infants may have systemic side effects, so it is basically recommended to see a medical institution, but if OTC is selected according to the patient's wishes, ointment is selected.

In addition, if the consumer has a predisposition to "rash" or "irritation", regardless of the type of ringworm, the antifungal ingredient alone is selected.

Precautions for use from the perspective of prescription drugs

It is contraindicated if you have a history of hypersensitivity to antifungal components such as oxyconazole nitrate, antipruritic components, local anesthetic components, bactericidal / disinfecting components, or keratolytic components.

People with allergies should also be careful.

Bifonazole, an antifungal ingredient, and lidocaine, a local anesthetic ingredient, are recommended for lactating women without these ingredients.

Points to use drugs

A pharmacist checking the handling of medicines

The drug should be applied over a wide area.

Ringworm can be present not only in the affected area, but also in the surrounding area.

Therefore, it is necessary to apply the drug over a wide area.

For example, if you have symptoms between your fingers, apply to about half of the instep and sole of your foot.

Areas to watch out for drug use

Avoid use on the eyes, around the eyes, mucous membranes such as the oral cavity, scrotum, and vulva.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with cold or warm water and see an ophthalmologist immediately.

Eczema is often not ringworm and can exacerbate symptoms, so it is important not to use it and seek medical attention.

Avoid using it on wet, sore, cracked, or severely traumatized areas as it can exacerbate secondary infections, inflammation, and symptoms.

In addition, liquids and sprays may cause irritation even in the case of slight sores and cracks, so they should be used with caution.

Precautions for usage and storage

Spray / pump Spray should not be sprayed on the face or inhaled, and should be sprayed 2-3 cm from the affected area for athlete's foot between the toes and 5 cm for other athlete's foot / ringworm.

Shake the aerosol powder spray well before use.

Do not spray the same area for more than 1 second (3 seconds or more for non-cooling ones) as excessive spraying may cause frostbite.

Also, keep it away from fire as it may catch fire.

For the powder, bring the outlet of the drug in the container as close as possible to the affected area, lightly press the container so that the drug does not scatter, and spray it little by little so that it covers the surface of the affected area thinly.

Those containing ethanol as an additive may catch fire, so keep them away from fire.

Also, be aware that if it adheres to painted surfaces such as chemical fiber clothing, plastics, metals, and floors, it may deteriorate.

Avoid contact with oily ingredients as a base, as they can degrade the quality of contraceptive latex rubber products such as condoms.

It is effective to apply the medicine after taking a bath.

This is because the stratum corneum is soft and the drug easily penetrates.

After applying the medicine, do not wipe it off and let it air dry.

It is also important to take medicine every day.

When the itch disappears, many people stop treatment before the ringworm is completely killed or eliminated, resulting in repeated recurrences.

In the treatment of ringworm, depending on the severity of the symptoms, the itching symptoms disappear and the skin becomes apparently clean within 2-4 weeks after starting to apply the drug.

However, at this stage, ringworm still remains deep in the stratum corneum.

It takes about 1 month for body and crotch to completely kill tinea cruris, about 1 to 3 months for relatively mild tinea cruris, and about 1 to 3 years for moderate to severe tinea cruris. It will take a period of time.

As another note

・ If the affected area is stained with a strong stimulant dosage form, change to a less irritating dosage form.

・ When symptoms worsen

・ If there is no improvement after using it correctly for 2 weeks, other illnesses are possible.

Please see a medical institution.

Major side reactions of drugs

There are skin symptoms such as irritation, rash, redness, itching, blisters, dryness, cracks, increased scales, and sores.

If these symptoms appear or increase, discontinue use immediately and consult a medical institution.

Of the ingredients contained in water bug medicine, lidocaine, dibucaine, and chlorhexidine have serious side effects such as shock.

If you experience any of these symptoms, see a doctor.

Life guidance:Three points in life

1. Keep your skin clean

To keep your skin clean, wash your skin daily with soap.

Lather the soap well and wash it thoroughly between your fingers.

2. Keep the affected area dry and cool

Ringworm prefers a damp environment and should not create it.

Shoes should be well dried and worn alternately with 2-3 pairs.

Try to use breathable shoes and socks.

Select materials such as cotton and linen.

It is also effective to dry well with the cold air of a hair dryer after bathing.

3. Avoid contact with ringworm

Keeping towels, bath mats, and slippers separate from your family and using your own will reduce the risk of transmitting or transmitting ringworm to your family.

Also, wash frequently and allow it to dry completely in the sun.

Cleaning the floor reduces contact with ringworm.

In addition, cut nails are also a source of infection, so care must be taken when cutting nails.

The above three points are important to prevent ringworm and to prevent it from being transmitted.

Let's keep this point in mind on a daily basis.

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