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How to apply poultice well

How to apply poultice well-Technique to put on a place where it is easy to peel off-

It is an idea that makes it difficult to peel off.

1. Tap this medicine after applying it

Do this with a poultice.(Example)

2. In addition, use a supporter.

Do this after applying the compress or taping with the compress.(Example)

knee supporter

Supporter to protect the elbow

3. Use after making a cut in the medicine.

How to apply poultice well,

Compresses and tapes can easily peel off while you move your body.

It may be fixed with paper tape, but it will be easier to apply if you make a cut with scissors before applying the compress (before removing the cellophane).

・ If you cut off the four corners of the adhesive on a flat part such as the back or waist, it will be difficult to remove.

・ Cut the shoulders, neck, elbows, knees, and ankles as shown.

An explanatory image of how to cut the compress differently depending on the location

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