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Herbal medicine for women(3)

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Herbal medicine for women:Menopause

Menopause appears around the time of menopause in the 40s and 50s. Hot flashes, hot flashes, and paroxysmal sweating are the most common symptoms, but there are large individual differences in their intensity and duration.

There are a variety of people, from those who say that menopause, which is a hot topic in the streets, has nothing to do with me, to those who have severe insomnia and fatigue that interfere with their daily lives.

Nowadays, the pain of menopause has become widely known to the general public, but in the past, women suffering from illness and emotional instability were criticized by others and suffered without understanding.

Now, many of the symptoms of menopause are caused by a sharp decrease in female hormones.

One of them is called vasomotor neuropathy, which is the paroxysmal hot flashes and sweating caused by the instability of the autonomic nerves.

Regardless of the season, sweating on the upper body without any special trigger, sudden hot flashes and reddening of the face, repeated unpleasant symptoms such as going out or meeting people while being attacked Many people are in pain.

The other is mental symptoms such as frustration, depression and insomnia.

It can be caused directly by hormonal imbalances, but it can also be secondary to the above-mentioned symptoms of hot flashes and hot flashes.

In addition, people in their 40s and 50s face the problems of child independence and parental care, and often take heavy responsibilities in the workplace.

These social stresses can also exacerbate various subjective symptoms of menopause.

Of course, depending on the type and severity of these symptoms, testing may be necessary.

It is also the age when there is a risk of missing a serious illness if you delay the consultation by assuming that the complex and diverse subjective symptoms are due to the menopause from the beginning.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which supplements the decreasing female hormones, seems to make the most sense for the symptoms of menopause, considering the causes.

However, HRT alone may not be sufficient to improve symptoms, or patients may not want HRT because they are worried about its side effects.

At that time, Chinese herbal medicine for women becomes a treatment option as one of the alternative therapies.

Previous studies suggest that Chinese herbs are more effective in improving psychiatric symptoms than sudden vasomotor disorders.

In oriental medicine, menopause is the age when renal deficiency, which controls reproductive function, progresses with aging. Symptoms seen at that time include those caused by this renal deficiency, those based on blood stasis with depression and rebellion, and those with a combination of deficiency and blood deficiency.

Herbal medicine for women used for menopause

Now, I would like to introduce Chinese herbs that are often used for the symptoms of menopause.

007. Hachimijiogan

007.Hachimijiogan is suitable for patients with renal deficiency.

It is characterized by subjective symptoms such as coldness and numbness in the legs and lower back, weakness, and low back pain, as well as aging phenomena such as frequent urination at night, tinnitus, and decreased eyesight. Looking at the abdomen, there is a characteristic finding that the center of the lower abdomen is soft and the vicinity of the place is dull.

Also, similar to Hachimijiogan's testimony, if you have a strong tendency for edema, use 107.Goshajinkigan.

Both prescriptions contain Rehmannia glutinosa, which supplements the kidneys, but if you have a weak gastrointestinal tract, you should be aware that Rehmannia glutinosa can easily cause side effects such as loss of appetite.

023. Tokishakuyakusan

023.Tokishakuyakusan is cold, cold, tired, and has a head feeling. It is suitable for people who always feel like they are wearing something. In Oriental medicine, it is a state of blood deficiency and water retention. Animal experiments have confirmed that Tokishakuyakusan has the effect of increasing cerebral blood flow and is effective in the Alzheimer-type region.

Menopause is also a time when you start to worry about forgetfulness, and in this sense it is a Chinese herbal medicine that is expected to be powerful.


024.Kamishoyosan accompanies the menstrual cycle as well as the period of menopause. It is often used for patients whose emotions are greatly shaken.

In Oriental medicine, it is a type of blood stasis that is a combination of reluctance and depression, and the lower body is cold, and the upper body causes paroxysmal fever and sweating.

In addition, there is a tendency to complain of various symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, irritability, stiff shoulders, and constipation one after another.

067. Nyoshinsan

067. Nyoshinsan is suitable.

According to the proof of 024.Kamishoyosan, the patient's complaints are not constant and fluttering. On the other hand, it is said that the complaint is often fixed.

067. Nyoshinsan has herbal medicines that have the effects of Qi and blood supplement, as well as Qi. Includes Kabushi, Areca, Kika, and Clove, which have the effect of circling

It is a feature that it is.

Next is the prescription for demonstrative type patients.


025.Keishibukuryogan is a symptom of blood stasis regardless of age or gender. The prescription used.

In addition to hot flashes and stiff shoulders, varicose veins in the lower limbs, which are often seen after menopause, and pigmentation around the eyes are also points to be considered as blood stasis.

In the medical examination, it is characterized by pain when pressed diagonally below the navel 3-4 cm.


061.Tokakujokito is usually hot, red-faced, hot flashes, and constipated. Used when is strong. In Oriental medicine, it is a combination of blood stasis and rebellion.

In suitable cases of Tokakujokito, mental symptoms such as irritability, insomnia and anxiety are extremely severe. , You may reach a level that you cannot control. In the abdominal examination, it is characteristic that there is a place where you feel strong pain when you press it on the lower left abdomen.


012.Saikokaryukotsuboreito In cases where there is a strong tendency for depression, such as insomnia and anxiety, and people often become aware of palpitation.

This prescription contains oysters and keels, which are useful for sedation and tranquilizer.

In addition, it is a Chinese herbal medicine that has been shown to be effective for arteriosclerosis by clinical research, and is expected to be a prescription for this period when blood vessels are aging.

As for the findings of the abdomen, resistance is seen under the ribs, which is a state of so-called chest side discomfort.

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