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Herbal medicine for women(2)

A woman holding a menstrual cup

Herbal medicine for women:about menstruation

The fact that menstruation progresses from 28 to 35 days without much pain during that period is one barometer of being a healthy woman.

The menstrual cycle is delicately regulated monthly by the function of the hypothalamus-pituitary gland-ovary.

When looking at a patient with menstrual irregularities, a gynecologist will diagnose where the problem is in the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovary and give appropriate hormone treatment.

Women's menstruation is one of the stress-related illnesses that have recently attracted attention, such as the cause of stress-related illnesses and menstrual irregularities, which are also affected by the mental state of the time.

In addition, as a tendency of modern women, they long for a delicate figure like a model, so they are increasingly going on a rapid diet in a short period of time.

As a result, phenomena such as significant weight loss and reverse rebound can be a significant physical burden and can lead to hormonal imbalances, menstrual irregularities and, in some cases, amenorrhea.

In such cases, it is difficult to improve by hormone therapy alone, and it is necessary to treat it comprehensively, including mental factors.

By the way, in Oriental medicine, the reproductive function is deeply related to the kidneys of the five viscera and six halves.

Therefore, it is thought that the weakening of the kidney, that is, the compensation of the renal deficiency, is the main treatment for menstrual irregularities.

A woman suffering from severe menstrual pain next to the bed

However, in reality, the mental factors mentioned above and the physical burden of dieting cannot be ignored as the causes of recent menstrual irregularities.

In other words, in addition to this renal deficiency, conditions such as deficiency and stagnation, blood deficiency and blood stasis are often intricately intertwined, so it is necessary to deeply understand the patient's background when deciding on a Chinese herbal medicine for women.

Here, I would like to mention the characteristics of the oriental medical findings.

If you have a kidney deficiency, you may have symptoms such as weakness, cold hands and feet, and low back pain.

When you touch your stomach, you can see that the tension suddenly weakens under your navel.

Diet-induced deficiency and blood deficiency can make your complexion look pale and prone to anemia and dizziness.

Psychiatric symptoms such as anxiety and insomnia are prominent in stress-induced stagnation.

After failing to diet and rebounding, it is easy to fall into blood stasis and may be accompanied by irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.

Typical Herbal medicine used for menstrual irregularities

Scene of a woman who is healthy both physically and mentally taking pictures outdoors with friends

The first is falsehood, a prescription for patients with weakened resistance to the disease.

Menstruation tends to be delayed and less bleeding is a typical symptom of falsehood.

The focus of treatment is to make up for what is missing in the body.


Tokishakuyakusan is used for people with water retention and blood deficiency.

It has a thin body, is stroked and has shoulders, and is characterized by fair skin and poor circulation.

The pulse is sunk, thin, the stomach is soft, and it is a prescription for people who are not physically fit.

The Toki contained in this prescription has a blood-replenishing effect that supplements blood and promotes blood circulation together with peony and peony.

Furthermore, it has been experimentally confirmed that Tokishakuyakusan's prescription as a whole has an effect of promoting the secretion of female hormones.


Unkeito seems to have both blood deficiency and blood stasis. Suitable for complex conditions.

Hot flashes on the palms and dry lips are seen, and the lower part of the body is extremely cold.

In addition, it contains cinnamon bark that improves the coldness of the lower body, peony bark that removes blood stasis, carrots that promote digestive function, licorice, ginger, and half-summer.

In a recent study, this Unkeito

Has been shown to act to regulate central sex hormone secretion and improve ovulation disorders.


Shimotsuto is a basic prescription for blood deficiency. It is used for people who have a bad complexion and dry skin.

It consists of four herbal medicines, Tokishakuyaku, Kawasato, and Rehmannia glutinosa, and has a blood-replenishing effect.

Shimotsuto ( also has many Chinese herbal formulas based on this. But it is famous.

Hachimijiogan and Goshajinkigan

Hachimijiogan and Goshajinkigan is a Chinese medicine that supplements renal deficiency and is famous as a Chinese medicine for elderly people who complain of frequent urination, low back pain and tinnitus. If you have the symptoms of sudden weakening of tension under your navel, it can also be used to treat menstrual irregularities.


Boiogito treats knee joint pain and swelling Boiogito, well known as Chinese medicine

And may be used to treat menstrual irregularities.

It is a condition accompanied by water retention in the air, and it tends to be fair and fat, and it tends to get tired from sweating.

Boiogito is expected to have the effect of indirectly adjusting the hormone balance by helping water metabolism.

Treatment aims to get rid of stagnation in the body

Next, I will give a prescription for a patient who has a strong reaction to the disease and is physically fit.

The characteristics of the demonstration are that the menstrual cycle tends to be short, the amount of bleeding is large, and blood clots are mixed.

Treatment aims to get rid of stagnation in the body.


Keishibukuryogan is a typical Chinese herbal medicine used for the symptoms of blood stasis.

Those who are suitable for Keishibukuryogan have a solid physique, light resistance to the lower abdomen, and a navel. There is a place where you feel pain when you press it diagonally below 3 or 4 cm.

On the back of the tongue, you can see raised veins.

Hot flashes and dizziness may be accompanied as subjective symptoms.

Keishibukuryogan contains crude drugs such as peach seeds and peony skin, which are strong to take blood stasis. It has a job.

It is a Chinese herbal medicine that has been confirmed to have the effect of suppressing the secretion of central sex hormones and estrogen in animal experiments.


For further demonstrations than Keishibukuryogan, Tokakujokito is used.

A typical testimony to this prescription is that there is a very strong pain point in the lower left abdomen due to pressure.

In addition to irregular menstruation, premenstrual tension may be accompanied by psychological symptoms such as frustration and abnormal behavior.

In addition to Momohito, which has the effect of removing blood stasis, it contains crude drugs with strong effects such as Daio and Glauber's salt, so special care should be taken when using them.

The above are typical Chinese herbs used to treat menstrual irregularities.

In reality, it is relatively rare for patients to be seen for complaints that their menstrual cycle is not constant, and in most cases they are first asked for treatment because they do not become pregnant after marriage.

However, it is quite difficult to restore the reproductive function that has been out of balance for a long period of time, and it is often difficult to treat even with a combination of Western medicine and Chinese medicine.

Think of the menstrual cycle as a barometer of women's health, and it's best to consult when you feel a slight change.

Next, I would like to talk about stores with dysmenorrhea and premenstrual tension.

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