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Also used for babies, the correct effect, usage and precautions of Aznol ointment

Aznol ointment is a non-steroidal topical patch that is derived from plant ingredients and has anti-inflammatory and skin-protective effects. Although mild in effect, it is highly safe and is often used in various situations.

1. What is Aznol Ointment?

Aznol ointment is a topical medicine that is derived from plant ingredients and has non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and skin protective properties.

Aznol ointment ingredients and action
The component of Aznul ointment is "dimethyl isopropyl azulene".

This ingredient is originally derived from a medicinal plant of the Asteraceae family called "chamomile". Chamomile has long been used as a folk medicine. Eventually, the anti-inflammatory effect of chamomile was found to be based on a component called azulene, and research was conducted from there.

Aznul ointment contains dimethylisopropylazulene (guaiazulene), a type of azulene, as a main component.

Aznol ointment also uses purified lanolin and white petrolatum as a base (excipient), and also has skin protection and moisturizing effects.

The following four effects can be expected as medicinal effects.

・ Anti-inflammatory effect (controls inflammation)

・ Promotes wound healing (helps heal wounds)

・ Histamine release inhibitory action (controls allergic reaction)

・ Antiallergic effect (controls allergic reaction)


It is often used for mild, relatively mild skin irritation, or when it is expected to be applied over a wide area or for a long time. Because it has few side effects and can be used with confidence.


As you know, topical steroids are often effective for skin inflammation, but may cause side effects when used extensively or for long periods of time. Aznol ointment, on the other hand, does not have as high an anti-inflammatory effect as steroids, but can be used safely for babies.

How to use

It is used in many occasions. It is used for relatively mild symptoms, small children who easily absorb the medicine, and sensitive areas such as the face and pubic area.

・ False

・ Rash

・ Burns

・ Skin soreness / ulcer

・ Pressure sores


<Dosage and administration>

Usually, apply an appropriate amount several times a day depending on the symptoms


Aznol ointment is a topical medicine that has an anti-inflammatory effect and a skin protection effect, mainly containing azulene, a component derived from plant components. It is used in a wide range of applications due to its high safety with few side effects.

It is also used for relatively mild symptoms, small children who are more likely to absorb the drug, and sensitive areas of the skin such as the face and pubic area.


Q:Is it okay to paint on my face?


It is a topical medicine that can be used on skin with thin skin such as lips, as well as facial skin symptoms.


However, it should not be used for ophthalmic purposes, so be careful not to get it in your eyes. If it gets into your eyes, wash it off with water and see a medical institution immediately if something goes wrong.

Q:Is it a medicine used for herpes?

A:For herpes symptoms, antiherpesvirus drugs such as acyclovir and famciclovir are mainly used. Aznol ointment itself does not have antiviral activity, but may be used with antiherpes virus drugs for the purpose of calming the inflammation of the lesion and protecting the skin.

Q:Can I use it for a baby's diaper rash or hot weather?


Aznol ointment is mild, but it is safe to use with almost no side effects. For this reason, it is often used for small children and may be prescribed for diaper rash or hot flashes.

If the symptoms are severe, a steroid may be appropriate, so consult a physician carefully for any judgment.

Q:Is it safe to apply for a long time?

A:It is a topical medicine with few side effects even if applied over a long period of time. However, you do not need to continue applying if the symptoms are cured. When used for moisturizing effects, it is better to use a single application such as white petrolatum or propet, which does not contain anti-inflammatory components.

important point

When used in the right way, it is a topical with almost no side effects.

It is also used on sensitive areas such as the face and pubic area from small children.

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