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What is ringworm? 6

What is ringworm? 6

Drug selection
Selection of drugs for tinea pedis and tinea pedis
In the case of the interdigital type, for the type with a dry onset site, select cream, ointment, gel, liquid, or spray.
For the ingredients, select a simple preparation of antifungal ingredients.
If it is moist, choose a cream, ointment, powder or gel that is relatively mild, and if it is particularly moist, choose an ointment.
If you have itching in both the dry type and the wet type, select a compounding agent that suppresses itching.

For vesicular types, all dosage forms are available as long as the blisters are not ruptured.
If the blisters are torn, choose a cream, ointment, or powder that is less irritating.
Also. As for the ingredients, select a simple preparation of antifungal ingredients to avoid irritation.
The vesicular type is often relatively itchy, so choose one that contains ingredients that suppress itching.
For the hyperkeratotic type, it is better to select creams, ointments, liquids and sprays, and those containing keratolytic components.

For tinea corporis, all dosage forms can be selected.
If it is difficult to use topical drugs or if the affected area is extensive, oral antifungal treatment may be appropriate. In that case, consult a hospital.

All dosage forms of tinea cruris are available.
If you have an itch or sore on your scrotum, see a doctor.
In addition, the choice of drug depends on the age and condition of the patient.
Elderly people and children have low skin barriers and are prone to irritation, so choose creams and ointments that are less irritating.

Infants may have systemic side effects, so it is basically recommended to see a medical institution, but if OTC is selected according to the patient's wishes, ointment is selected.
In addition, if the consumer has a predisposition to "rash" or "irritation", regardless of the type of ringworm, the antifungal ingredient alone is selected.

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