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What is a cold? 5

What is a cold? 5

Cold control and prevention
Be careful when you have a cold
In order to recover quickly, it is important to get enough sleep, rest, and rest well.
In addition, nutrition is essential to increase resistance.
In particular, many vitamins (vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, etc.) are deeply involved in immunity, and iron and zinc deficiencies are also known to make people more susceptible to colds.
When you have a cold, you often have a loss of appetite, so try to eat a balanced and digestive diet.

When you have a fever, you sweat a lot and your body is more likely to run out of water.
To prevent dehydration, you need to be well hydrated with sports drinks and ion drinks.

Viruses prefer low temperatures and low humidity.
Therefore, keep the room warm and keep the body cool, and keep the room at an appropriate humidity to prevent the mucous membranes of the throat from drying out.
And avoid tobacco as it exacerbates colds.

Energy drinks may be taken for the purpose of recovering physical strength and enhancing the natural healing power for colds.
If you want to warm your body, use a drink containing herbal medicines that warm your body (such as taurine, licorice, and licorice). If you are exhausted due to high heat, use vitamin B or vitamin C. , Taurine, etc. should be recommended as a drink.
However, many cold remedies contain caffeine, and if you use a caffeine-containing energy drink together, the amount of caffeine may become excessive.

In addition, some energy drinks contain alcohol and herbal ingredients.
It is necessary to pay attention to the interaction and duplication of ingredients with the ingredients contained in cold remedies.
In such cases, you should stop taking energy drinks or choose energy drinks that do not contain them.

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